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Mouth of Babes

Had in uniform

A conversation on a short road trip this week…

Me:  “So, Haddon, what do you think you want to be when you grow up?”

[brief pause]

Haddon:  “Um…I think I want to be a Christian like Karsten.”

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Ryan Gets a RED Star!

Today my feedback star switched to red as I received my 1,000th positive feedback on eBay!  I think I’ve probably done about 1,7000 transactions and have no negatives.  Whew!

See Ryan’s red star.

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Busy Week

It’s been several weeks of crazy as I have been preparing for this past Thursday and Friday.  It was the annual two day Educators’ Convention for the Michigan Association of Christian School’s Conference.  It was a great opportunity for me to present five different workshops on varied topics (last year I presented one workshop two different times so this was a new experience).

I gave the following workshops…

  • Fallacies on Parade [a presentation of the most common fallacies]
  • Patterns for Great Senior Trips [I think the way we do it is top-notch]
  • Classical Education Primer I [a what and why of classical education]
  • Classical Education Primer II [a how to of what classical schools do]
  • How eBay Can Help Your Ministry and You [I think approx. 10% of the confreence attendees packed in to hear this one...we had a lot of fun]

Grace abounded and we had an enjoyable and profitable time for our Master’s cause.

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Douglas Wilson…

“As we look around at that great squirrel-cage run we call modernity, we see that most of us as moderns belong to a religion called Getting Ahead….True education reform begins in rest; it begins with grace.  We cannot hope to be effective in this work unless we get the Gospel straight and, having gotten it straight, rest in the promises given.  Contrary to the opinions of our adversaries, education is not a savior.  But it can be saved.”

The Case for Classical Christian Education, p. 30

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Quote of the Day

A.W. Tozer on the omniscience of God…

“God knows instantly and effortlessly all matter and all matters, all mind and every mind, all spirit and all spirits, all being and every being, all creaturehood and all creatures, every plurality and all pluralities, all law and every law, all relations, all causes, all thoughts, all mysteries, all enigmas, all feelings, all desires, every unuttered secret, all thrones and dominions, all personalities, all things visible and invisible in heaven and in earth, motion, space, time, life, death, good, evil, heaven and hell.

“Beacuse God knows all things perfectly.  He knows no thing better than any other thing, but all things equally well.  He never discovers anything, He is never surprised, never amazed.  He never wonders about anything nor (except when drawing men out for their own good) does He seek information or ask questions.”

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Needing a recommendation


Do any of my readers have a suggestion for a good and reliable and non-cumbersome internet filter?  I will have broadband in the school in the next several weeks, and need to set up some barriers.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

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From today…

Two things I learned/enjoyed tonight…

  • A bumper sticker… “Honk if you love peace and quiet”
  • A field mouse, if properly motivated can outpace the fastest of lawn tractors.

Also, I’ve been considering infiltrating the local Knights of Pythias.  I know nothing about them, but I think it would be fun to manuever through the ranks…wish I had more time.

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Ahoy, Me Mateys


I wish I had known earlier!  Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Ergh!  I feel like such a scallywag for not knowing that sooner.

Here’s some info…http://reference.aol.com/nowyouknow/talk-like-a-pirate

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Garlands of Grace

My college friend Dana Gage, a pastor’s wife near Nashville, has a very good blog called Garlands of Grace that Chrissy and I frequent.  I commend it to you for it’s excellent perspective.  The postings and themes are God-centered and deal primarily with topics of parenting and wifehood.  We think you’ll enjoy Dana’s takes.  With her permission, I’ve reprinted her most recent article below.  I hope that you make it a part of your regular blog reading.

Closing the Generation Gap

Today I drove 45 minutes on winding roads to visit my dear friend, Mrs. Jeannine Stewert. It’s a long trip with two preschoolers, but they love rummaging around “Miss Jeannine”’s stylish log cabin, inspecting her assorted vintage trinkets, pulling out her tin cans of toys for little boys, and dashing every half hour to the coo-coo clock. Miss Jeannine freely dispenses cookies and doesn’t mind if little boys swing on her porch swing while watching the hummingbirds and butterflies.

Miss Jeannine and her husband, Carl, much like their home, are beautiful, but they represent a way of living that no longer exists. They both admit they have trouble even understanding the young people at our church. Miss Jeannine is almost 70; she never went to college, she married young, had four children, and never worked outside her home. Times were hard; they had very little money, but Carl would work two jobs before asking his wife to help support the family. Even now Miss Jeannine spends her days gardening, canning, housekeeping, and reading. At church she sings in the choir, plays the piano, and teaches my son’s Cubbies class. She doesn’t have a cell phone and she prefers writing personal notes instead of using email.


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Quote of the Day

C.H. Spurgeon on prayer…

“I would rather be Master of the Art of Prayer than M.A. of both universities (Oxford and Cambridge).  He who knows how to pray has his hand on the lever which moves the universe.”

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That’s Preposterous

I’ve started a new category of posting called Preposterous!.  Though I don’t wish to make a dinosaur hill (though i like the  word preposterous because it sounds so dinosaurish) out of the outrageous things we find in our society, there is a place for doing a bit of chronicling of these that seem so ridiculous.

I mean preposterous to be 1) beyond all reason and 2) so senseless as to be laughable.  You may feel free to offer contributions to this category.

Our first contribution comes from Christine Brennan writing in the USA Today.  She documents a case where morals matter less than muscles. 


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Quote of the Day

John Piper, with one of the best opening lines I’ve ever found in a book,

“Books don’t change people; paragraphs do.  Sometimes even sentences.”

 — A Godward Life

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Do Something!

WTC Towers

Do something today to remember what happened in America on September 11, 2001.  The farther we remove ourselves from the memories of that day, the less valuable the lessons become.

Today, I am showing a long National Geographic documentary to most of the school.

Also, please leave a comment to this posting mentioning where you were and how you received the first reports of the day.

I remember clearly that I was at school but was on the phone with a mortgage broker who gasped when she saw the report come on the television.  I turned to AOL and we started receiving live radio feeds from NYC or NPR.  I called Chrissy right away and told her to turn on the television.  I remember thinking that this was a terrible accident.  After the second plane hit, and the country realized it was under attack, I went to each classroom and gave a brief summary to the students.  We then assembled and watched live reports (and the towers fall) for quite some time.  I remember feeling glued to the TV as I was in shock/awe for several days…I suppose I still am.  After previewing these videos for the students and allowing the full gamut of emotions to come back, I know I am still in awe and appalled.

God bless America. 

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Two year old Haddon has a terrifying fear of ALF.  It began one day as I was in my in-laws basement and noticed an old stuffed ALF half hanging out of the toy basket.  Then ALF attacked me.  As Haddon watched from the top of the stairs, ALF tore at my neck and face and made the most awful growling sounds as he hastened me toward my death.  When I could summon my strength to pull him off of me, I did what I was naturally inclined to do…throw him off.

In my mind, I can see the whole scene in slow motion.  ALF has been tossed and is flying in the air UP the stairs and landing with a soft plop at Haddon’s feet.  His face turns immediately from the sad expression of, “My papa is being being hurt” to the two-year old version of, “The death angel is upon us.”


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Another Boomershine boy is growing up…

Randy Reporter – The Scotts Times

Scotts, MI  —  According to previously unpublished reports, Lincoln Boomershine is starting to stand.  Though no photographed evidence yet exists, the little boy who turned 10 months old on Friday has shown evidence of escape from his primordial and original condition on all fours!  Standing sightings have lasted from 3-8 seconds.  On two separate occasions, little Boomershine made at least one real step forward before being dragged again to the ground by the anti-creationist gremlins who purport that this process must take eons.  Reports of his parents pleasure have also been greatly exaggerated.


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Quote of the Day

Tedd Tripp on the inability of our hearts to be neutral…

“Since there is no such thing as a place of childhood neutrality, your children either worship God or idols.  These idols are not small wooden or stone statuary.  They are the subtle idols of the heart.  The Bible describes such idols using terminology such as fear of man, evils desires, lusts, and pride.  The idols include conformity to the world, embracing earthly mindsets, and ‘setting the affections on things below.’  What we have in view are any manners of motives, desires, wants, goals, hopes, and expectations that rule the heart of a child.  Remember, these things do not have to be articulated to be present. 

“As your children interact with their childhood experience, they interact based on their godward orientation.  Either they respond to life as children of faith who know, love, and serve Jehovah, or they respond as children of foolishness, and unbelief, who neither know him nor serve him.  The point is this: They do respond.  They are not neutral.  They are not simply the sum total of what you and I put into them; They interact with life either out of a true covenant of faith or out of an idolatrous covenant of disbelief.”

Shepherding a Child’s Heart, p. 21

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Quote of the Day

Dr. Thurman Wisdom,

“Your relationship with Christ is the most important thing about you.”

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In order to defend faith, you must know the faith.

Every other year, I teach a class on worldviews to my 11/12th Bible class (this is the off-year).  The curriculum is the Understanding the Times series by David Noebel and Summit Ministries.  As part of their ministry they have some encapsulizing statements about a whole range of worldview topics that you will find instructional.  There is no cost to view these files.

They are available here.

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