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From the Backseat

Chrissy:  Lincoln, go sit on the couch and I will bring you breakfast.

[pattering of fast, little feet]

Lincoln, upon receiving the bowl of tasty delights, smiled up at his mama and pointed at her with his short little finger:  You awesommme!

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Jim Berg…

“You and I have enough evil residing in us that if God were to let us have our own way, we would destroy ourselves.  Rather than demanding our own way, we ought to be begging God never to let us have what our flesh demands.  We ought to pray, ‘Dear God, limit me, bind me, restrict me.  Do whatever you have to, but please don’t let me have my own way.’”

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Quote of the Day

Charles Spurgeon…

“The way to do a great deal, is to keep on doing a little. The way to do nothing at all, is to be continually resolving that you will do everything.”

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Charles Spurgeon…

It is a sad thing that it should be so; but mental force without moral principle has become an engine of destruction, an instrument of mischief. Of all kinds of villains the educated villain is the most to be dreaded.”

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Bible commentator Matthew Henry made the following entry in his journal the night he was robbed. This is a good example of “giving thanks in all circumstances.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

“Let me be thankful first because I was never robbed before; second, because although they took my purse, they did not take my life; third, because although they took my all, it was not much; and fourth, because it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed.”

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I haven’t decided yet who I am going to vote for in 2008, nor have I decided if I will say anything about it here when I do.  But I did come across this ad on a pro-Huckabee that is hilarious.

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Thanks for the Free Book!


Thanks, ChristianAudio.com, for another free book!  Every month you give me a free audio book, but this month you gave me two and offered me a choice with the second one.  I’ll tell my friends that for a limited time they can go to this link and take their pick of one of ten books that you are giving away simply because you know how to give thanks well.

Kind regards,


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Andrew Kern on classical education…

“Only dreamers who love their dreams enough to pay for them matter.

“Christian classical education is an idealist’s education and to many that means impractical and dreamy. In fact, Christian classical education is the education for people whose dreams are so precious and noble that they cannot abandon them, no matter the cost. Christian classical education is the education for people who dream of children who grow up to love wisdom and virtue (dreams themselves), who cherish truth, goodness, and beauty, and who glorify God by being like Him and so enjoy Him in the depths of their souls. And since children never do grow up to love and cherish and glorify as much as we want them to (just like us), the temptation to abandon this dream is relentless and usually, like every temptation, succumbed to.

“But some are willing to pay the price.

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Dr. Salter said that, “not everything worth reading has been written in the last twenty years…or in English for that matter.”

C.S. Lewis simply explains why we should not be afraid to get to the root.  He says, “There is a strange idea abroad that in every subject the ancient books should be read only by the professionals, and that the amateur should content himself with the modern books. Thus I have found as a tutor in English Literature that if the average student wants to find out something about Platonism, the very last thing he thinks of doing is to take a translation of Plato off the library shelf and read the Symposium. He would rather read some dreary modern book ten times as long, all about “isms” and influences and only once in twelve pages telling him what Plato actually said. The error is rather an amiable one, for it springs from humility. The student is half afraid to meet one of the great philosophers face to face. He feels himself inadequate and thinks he will not understand him. But if he only knew, the great man, just because of his greatness, is much more intelligible than his modern commentator. The simplest student will be able to understand, if not all, yet a very great deal of what Plato said; but hardly anyone can understand some modern books on Platonism. It has always therefore been one of my main endeavours as a teacher to persuade the young that firsthand knowledge is not only more worth acquiring than secondhand knowledge, but is usually much easier and more delightful to acquire.”

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Barack Obama is getting hammered for not putting his hand on his heart during the National Anthem.  I’m not going to be so hard on the guy; I sometimes just stand reverently, too (he does seem to be singing).  I bet he would have if he knew everyone else was doing it behind him.  Watch the video.  I think he’s just holding his hands tightly, trying to keep them down away from covering his ears during this awful rendition of the Anthem.

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There is a lot being said about the new blockbuster The Golden Compass.  I’m not giving it any attention, but did want to make people aware that even though they are playing on the look and feel of Narnia, this is actually an anti-Narnian, anti-God movie.  This concludes the time I intend to spend thinking about it, but I will leave you with some follow-up reading if you think the movie is interesting.

The Christmas-Crushing Movie

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cash advance

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Happy-face Spider
Found only on the islands of Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii, the happy face spider, such as this one guarding its eggs on a leaf in Maui, is known for the unique patterns that decorate its pale abdomen. Scientists believe Theridion grallator may have “developed” its distinctive markings to discourage birds from eating it.

When I showed Karsten, he told me that happy-face spiders are his new favorite animal.

Check out these other ones.

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Great leaders demand attention for reasons bigger than themselves.  Here is a great short biography of Samuel Adams, because you and I don’t know enough about him.  This article is copied from the Kings Meadow Study Center newsletter.

  All temporal power is of God,
And the magistratal, His institution, laud,
To but advance creaturely happiness aubaud:

    Let us then affirm the Source of Liberty.

Ever agreeable to the nature and will,
Of the Supreme and Guardian of all yet still
Employed for our rights and freedom’s thrill:

    Thus proves the only Source of Liberty.

Though our civil joy is surely expressed
Through hearth, and home, and church manifest,
                           Yet this too shall be a nation’s true test:

                     To acknowledge the divine Source of Liberty.

    -Samuel Adams

Politics is a strange institution.  Though the word means a dutiful participation in the local sphere of government, such an unadulterated definition has little value in the current market.  Rather, “politics” is a sophisticated word implying careless and unrealistic campaign promises, questionable fundraising, self-promotion through sordid accusations against opponents, schmoozing, and a common sliminess that appears openly upon the holding of office.  It is certainly not that all men who serve the public have such dishonest characters; it is that the term, “politician,” in our day, says as much.

Yet, politics is obsessed over, minutely analyzed in heavy air-time, and perpetually prognosticated by a media-saturated culture.  Or at least it seems that way.  This is the trick.  Though we have the longest ever presidential campaign in American history currently being waged, and though we have a wash of possible precedents in the next commander-in-chief, a majority of Americans simply don’t care enough to actually vote.  Such politics has little to do with ordinary lives and such politicians are seemingly mere manipulators and dishonest posers-the worst possible vice to my generation.  To this generation, an honest expression, no matter how wrong, is at least honest.  Experience is everything.

Leadership implies integrity.  As Stonewall Jackson once wrote: “What is life without honor?  Degradation is worse than death.  True leadership comprehends this full well.” (Grant 132).  Whether the sphere of leadership be the family, church, state, or vocation, all callings must be genuine and true in order to be done well.  Within these priorities, excellence equates to a commitment to right and not simply refined tastes and charming personality.  As William Lane put it, “Let your excellence be your protest.” (more…)

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Intro by Joe D’Aleo, Icecap, CCM
I was privileged to work with John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel in the year before it became a reality and then for the first of the 6 years I was fortunate to be the Director of Meteorology. No one worked harder than John to make The Weather Channel a reality and to make sure the staffing, the information and technology was the very best possible at that time.  John currently works with KUSI in San Diego. He posts regularly. I am very pleased to present his latest insightful post.

By John Coleman

It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create an illusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same environmental whacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the “research” to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims. Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus.

Environmental extremists, notable politicians among them, then teamed up with movie, media and other liberal, environmentalist journalists to create this wild “scientific” scenario of the civilization threatening environmental consequences from Global Warming unless we adhere to their radical agenda. Now their ridiculous manipulated science has been accepted as fact and become a cornerstone issue for CNN, CBS, NBC, the Democratic Political Party, the Governor of California, school teachers and, in many cases, well informed but very gullible environmentally conscientious citizens. Only one reporter at ABC has been allowed to counter the Global Warming frenzy with one 15 minute documentary segment.

I do not oppose environmentalism. I do not oppose the political positions of either party. However, Global Warming, i.e. Climate Change, is not about environmentalism or politics. It is not a religion. It is not something you “believe in.” It is science; the science of meteorology. This is my field of life-long expertise. And I am telling you Global Warming is a non-event, a manufactured crisis and a total scam. I say this knowing you probably won’t believe a me, a mere TV weatherman, challenging a Nobel Prize, Academy Award and Emmy Award winning former Vice President of United States. So be it.

I have read dozens of scientific papers. I have talked with numerous scientists. I have studied. I have thought about it. I know I am correct. There is no run away climate change. The impact of humans on climate is not catastrophic. Our planet is not in peril. I am incensed by the incredible media glamour, the politically correct silliness and rude dismissal of counter arguments by the high priest of Global Warming.

In time, a decade or two, the outrageous scam will be obvious. As the temperature rises, polar ice cap melting, coastal flooding and super storm pattern all fail to occur as predicted everyone will come to realize we have been duped. The sky is not falling. And, natural cycles and drifts in climate are as much if not more responsible for any climate changes underway. I strongly believe that the next twenty years are equally as likely to see a cooling trend as they are to see a warming trend.  See John’s full blog story here.. See John’s forecast blog on the KUSI site here.

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The country of China is “recommending” that Olympians and guests coming to the 2008 Olympics bring no more than one Culligan ManBible per person into the country.  Here’s the official policy.  It’s like the parched man, lost for days in the desert, running from the approaching Culligan truck.  No?  I laugh at my own analogies, too.

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“Good as Gold”

Karsten in ER

You learn a lot about a person when they are under pressure or scared.  Karsten and I had a great time together last night after he split his head open at church.  He was so sweet through the whole process.  He was scared of stitches, but so peaceable about his fear.  I will try tonight to get the video I took in the ER posted here (you can see it on my FaceBook site if you are a member) and anyone can see the pictures here.  We had a great three hour one-on-one time that better showed me how he is learning to deal with pressure and hard times.  About an hour after we reviewed one of his memory verses (“What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.”) he told me that he was still thinking about that verse.

He was very interested in the pain scale posted on the wall.  I told him that I thought his pain might reach a Six, but he assured me it would only get to One, maybe Two.

I’ve had stitches in my forehead three times, and it was much more interesting being able to watch over the process.  He was a gem throughout, and the nurses’ first words after she finished sewing was that Karsten was as “good as gold” and “most adults aren’t that good.”  During the stitching, I thought Karsten had even fallen asleep.  Karsten said the pain was about a one or two.

It wasn’t the best way to spend the evening of Chrissy’s birthday, and it got us home at about 12:30 this morning, but it was still a good time because I got to know my son better…and Karsten says so too.

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Today I reviewed a product worth mentioning.  It’s a fulfilling of the Biblical command to sing Scripture.  Here is a link to Sing the Bible with Mr. E. at Mystery Ministries.  It’s a great tool for adults and children.   The site includes sample songs and a link for those in the ministry to receive a free copy (after paying $4 for shipping).

It’s a great and needful product for hiding God’s Word in our hearts.  The only problem for me is that there isn’t continuity amongst the tracks…it’s instead miscellaneous verses set to music.

I like what my friend Alicia has done in her ministry at Songs of Scripture.  She has a recording that sets to Scripture Romans 6-8.

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Sam, Richard, and Pierre

From FoolsHeart.com

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The time is fast approaching when I will succumb to the temptation of this this cruel treat.

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Quote of the Day

Earl Nelson…

“Learning grammar taught me how to think–to pay attention to the neat and precise relationships between things, to look for subtle differences, to grapple with complexity. I always felt as if a world of logic resided in my grammar lessons, and when I got to high school English classes, even classes on novels, plays, and short stories, I was leaps and bounds ahead of students who had never had the same chance to study grammar.”

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Here is a teaser for Prince Caspian.

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 Britney Spears’ Monthly Budget is $737,000.  Here’s how she told the court she spends some of it:

  • $102,000 on entertainment
  •   $49,267 on two mortgages
  •   $20,000 in spousal support
  •   $16,000 on clothes
  •   $15,000 in child support
  •     $4,758 on dining out
  •         $500 to charity
  •             $0 on savings
  •             $0 on investments
  •             $0 on education

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Daniel Webster…

“If we work upon marble, it will perish; if we work upon brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; but if we work upon immortal minds, if we imbue them with principles, with just fear of God and love of our fellowmen, we engrave on those tablets something which will brighten all eternity.”

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Yesterday was Reformation Day, the day that marked Martin Luther’s posting of his theses. Here is a movie clip showing his response to the charges of heresy and sedition.

+ bonus video

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