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From the Backseat

Karsten:  “Papa, I like being ill.”

Me:  “Really, Karsten?  [skeptical]  Why is that?”

Karsten:  “Once when I was ill, I prayed to God and then I waited and he helped me, and I said, ‘thank you, God.’  God takes care of me when I am ill.”

 [I thought he also said that God is glorified when we are ill, but he said he doesn’t remember saying it like that.]

Also filed under…”The Coke tastes like grenadine because I put grenadine in it.”

[And I’ll send you a dollar if you can tell me why I said that, TT.]

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While it isn’t the first time it has snowed this winter, it has been a true winter wonderland here in my part of the world for the first time this season.  Today I stopped my doings and just stared out the window to watch little snowflake bundles splash onto a recently shoveled sidewalk.  In lieu of the tulips and lilacs which I miss dearly, I will glory in snowflake bundles.  My boys have been hearing a lot of this lately…

“God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend.   For he saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth…” (Job 37:6)

God spreads snow by saying so.  He breathes the frost (Job 37:10).  He casts forth ice as morsels (Psalm 147:17).  The snow’s job is to praise Him by fulfilling His command (Psalm 148).  “Who can stand before His cold” (Psalm 147)?  If your climate is cold, it is a gift from God to better see His grace and magnificence portrayed in His explicit winter handiwork. 

It would be easy for me to be mesmerised by creation, but let’s take our glorious sunrises, reminder rainbows, blue jays calls, dripping icicles, and oh! you should smell the lilacs as you approach Mackinaw Island on the ferry in June!!!  and let’s not put them above our Creator.  Make sure that the ant makes you think of God.  Yes, you were made higher than the beasts of the field and the creeping things and fir trees, but they have the same job as you…praising God (Psalm 148).

Acknowledge Him in all your ways.

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Quote of the Day

Eric Liddell told his sister in Chariots of Fire

“God made me fast, and when I run, I feel his pleasure.”

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Quote of the Day

Douglas Wilson on birth control…

“A man can have a high view of apple trees and still not plant them a foot and a half apart in his orchard.”

(from Credenda, but current edition, “Against Gravity,” not yet posted)

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If you make international phone calls, or would like to start making more, here is a service that offers free international phone calls to a wide variety of countries.  There are no monthly fees and not even a sign up.

I haven’t tried it yet.  It was recommended by the folks at Student Global Impact.

Future Phone

Mind the Gap

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A beautiful and stirring collection of photos

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Life Straw

Here’s an interesting new invention that might be helpful for some missionary friends.

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