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From the backseat

Last night, leaving a basketball game, I motioned to my boys to look up in the sky.  Haddon saw what I had noticed and piped up, “Look!  The moon is at the basketball game!”

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My family enjoyed a quiet weekend in rural Wisconsin this past weekend at my sister and brother-in-law’s.  While there, my boys and I finished The Horse and His Boy.  This account from chapter 14 stirred my bones: 

Hwin, the talking Horse of Narnia in a fearful shudder to Aslan (whom she has never met and does not recognize as her King)…

Then Hwin, though shaking all over, gave a strange little neigh, and trotted across to the Lion.

“Please,” she said, “you’re so beautiful.  You may eat me if you like. I’d sooner be eaten by you then fed by anyone else.”

“Dearest daughter,” said Aslan, planting a lion’s kiss on her twitching, velvet nose, “I knew you would not be long in coming to me. Joy shall be yours.”

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Spam 3

I’ve received more than 300 spam postings this weekend, but I am turning on my comment option again and will monitor it carefully. To post you will need to leave your name and email address, and nothing will post to the site until I approve it…hopefully.

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Thanks alot

TBAP just passed 10,000 hits since we came to WordPress in late May.

Thanks for visiting. 

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Quote of the Day

Benjamin Franklin…

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.  Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

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Spam 2

Since I posted the spam note 3 1/2 hours again, I’ve had fourteen inappropriate spam comments posted on TBAP. I’ve turned off my commenting option so no one is currently able to leave any comments. I will leave it like this until further notice. Apologies to those who know how to play by the rules of righteousness.

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I have been getting a high number of highly inappropriate spam comments this past week (my spam blocker has caught almost 1500 comments since this blog started). But this past week almost a dozen different comments got past the wall and did get inserted in the blog.

While I have been learning some new words, I am removing them as fast as I learn of them. Every time there is a comment left on TBAP, I get an email. I will remove spam as I have knowledge of it.

While no has mentioned anything, please know that I won’t tolerate it, and I appreciate your patience if you read it before I do.

[There’s a winter storm warning in my part of the world with temperatures tomorrow expected to be 2-3 degrees (the lowest in almost a decade) and 6-12″ of winter beauty forecasted. My outdoor thermometer reads -4 F right now at 7:02 am on 2/3/06.]

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Little Lincoln at large!

Lincoln the Monkoln

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