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Good advice–I think–from Abraham Piper.

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Right now God is washing away the piled up and dirty remnants of winter with our first spring thunderstorm.

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Jonathan Edwards…

“For he offered a sacrifice, that was sufficient to do away all the guilt of the world.  Though the guilt of man was like great mountains, whose heads are lifted up to the heavens; yet his dying love, and his merits, appeared as a mighty deluge that overflowed the highest mountains, or like a boundless ocean that swallows them up; or like an immense fountain of light, that with the fullness and redundance of its brightness, swallows up men’s greatest sins, as little motes are swallowed up and hidden in the disk of the sun.”

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I’m wishing I had learned about Victor Borge earlier than last year.

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And, um….what is it? I don’t know if he’s serious, but he sure seems sincere.

I love how he inserts that, “Now basically…” like he’s trying to tame the description down.

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Surgery was Wednesday, March 26. It was done outpatient!

Nine pins. Two plates. One very happy surgeon.



Ross with his roving pain-control pack (3/28).

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