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John Piper wrote this on Sunday for an upcoming marriage book:

“The most fundamental task of a mother and father is to show God to the children. Children know their parents before they know God. This is a huge responsibility and should cause every parent to be desperate for God-like transformation. The children will have years of exposure to what the universe is like before they know there is a universe. They will experience the kind of authority there is in the universe and the kind of justice there is in the universe and the kind of love there is in the universe before they meet the God of authority and justice and love who created and rules of the universe. Children are absorbing from dad his strength and leadership and protection and justice and love; and they are absorbing from mother her care and nurture and warmth and intimacy and justice and loveā€”and, of course, all these overlap.

“And all this is happening before the child knows anything about God, but it is profoundly all about God. Will the child be able to recognize God for who he really is in his authority and love and justice because mom and dad have together shown the child what God is like. The chief task of parenting is to know God for who he is in his many attributes, and then to live in such a way with our children that we help them see and know this multi-faceted God. And, of course, that will involve directing them always to the infallible portrait of God in the Bible.”

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I’m looking for a picture I took of an overcrowded subway car in NYC a year or two ago. That was nothing.

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Thomas Chalmers got me thinking that everyone should have at least one friend to turn to who always speaks important, well-considered, hopeful, God-besought thoughts to you. God keep me chock full of hope.

“Regardless of how large, your vision is too small.”

HT: George Grant

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This oil painting is a special gift to our family from good friends (the artist and her family). The paint is still not dry but it’s cherished already.

Here is more of Alyssa’s work. Check out this incredible 24′ x 7′ mural she painted for an upcoming school program.

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Coffee Art

I have never tasted coffee. Really. No, really! I did have coffee cake once though. I even married a wife who says the same thing. I was thinking I would try it when I turned 30, but am looking toward 35 now. I understand there is a value in social drinking. I might give it a whack in a while.

Despite my severity, I can appreciate parts of it. Here are some neat coffee art photos.

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Happy Earth Day!

The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof.

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