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G.K. Chesterton’s 134th birthday was yesterday.  Here are some of his education quotes compiled by Dana Gage:

According to Chesterton, understanding the facts is more important than knowing the facts.

  • Histories seem to have completely forgotten two things—first, that men act from ideas; and second, that it might, therefore, be as well to discover which ideas.

  • If you forget far-off things, your sons and grandsons will remember them and rise up against you. – 1935

  • The one thing that is never taught by any chance in the atmosphere of public schools is this: that there is a whole truth of things, and that in knowing it and speaking it we are happy.

Schools should give us an eternal standard by which to judge every standard.

  • Every education teaches a philosophy; if not by dogma then by suggestion, by implication, by atmosphere. Every part of that education has a connection with every other part. If it does not all combine to convey some general view of life, it is not an education at all.

  • Teach, to the young, men’s enduring truth, and let the learned amuse themselves with their passing errors.

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…and have really fine-tuned the process, perhaps you find parenting boring. Perhaps you are looking for a new challenge. It’s for real. Some of you may want this to prepare for parenting.  Be sure to watch the video.

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I’ve lost almost all contact with old friends AC and Keri Caincross. I was AC’s best man years ago. I just found out that they lost their little two-year-old girl Cheyenne this weekend to complications from Sandhoff disease. This is their second child to die as a toddler from this disease.

AC is the pastor of Greenbush Community Baptist Church in Greenbush, MI. Here is an obituary and here is Cheyenne’s CaringBridge site. The two remaining children do not have the disease. Thank you for praying.

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Michael P. V. Barrett on What is the Gospel?

“In simplest terms, the gospel is Christ. Too often the gospel is defined in terms of its benefits, results, and attendant circumstances without placing the essentially necessary focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ. The gospel is not ‘come to Jesus and be saved.’ The gospel, the good news, is that God gave His Son to be the only Savior of sinners. As the God/Man, Christ vicariously lived to fulfill the law, vicariously died to pay the penalty of the broken law–appeasing God’s wrath and providing cleansing from guilt–victoriously rose to evidence the death of death, and triumphantly ascended into glory where He now sits ruling and interceding until He comes again in all His glory. Because of all this, men everywhere ought to come to Jesus in order to be saved. Being saved is the wonderful and sure consequence of the gospel. This is why John summarizes salvation simply in terms of Christ: “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life” (I John 5:12).

HT: Matthew Hoskinson

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Our God is in the heavens doing whatsoever He pleases. He’s probably roaring at what He did on the Christmas Islands. It gets even crazier at about the 2:00 min. mark.

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Hold Your Breath

Tonight’s after-dinner conversation…

Me:  Haddon, are you ready to move to Tennessee?

Haddon:  Yes, but it kind of makes me sad.

Me:  Why?

Haddon:  Because they don’t have snow!

Me:  Right.  That’s kind of sad.

Haddon (walking away from the conversation):  At least they have air there.

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We have been watching a nest of four killdeer eggs for serveral weeks. Two of them opened or cracked prematurely, so we were waiting on the two. This morning Karsten called me from home and excitedly announced that the remaining two had hatched. I was there in minutes. They get cuter as they fluff out, but we had a few fun moments (at mama killdeer’s expense–in background of lower pic). Haddon and Lincoln are pictured.

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