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Douglas Wilson hits on all the key points when he writes about why he suddenly would consider for voting for McCain.

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I haven’t given John McCain hardly a wink until today.  I strongly commend and appreciate his valor and bravery during the Vietnam “Whatever-It-Was-Conflict-or-War.”  His vision and policy haven’t excited me.  But choosing Sarah Palin today got my attention and made me smile.  That was some real gumption.

We’ll see what time does with the pair, but it looks like a great choice for him.  Here is some interesting information about her.  And here is a pundit that recommended her back in May…to no one’s notice.

Her acceptance speech.

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The Wesley Code

You’ll be hearing more about this in the near future, but a good portion of Charles Wesley’s journal was written in code…and it has been broken.  This was an important man and his humanity will likely be shown by the revelations that are found.

This isn’t a salacious story, it’s just a reminder that we are all human if you don’t want it to be read, don’t write it, or better yet…stop thinking it.


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“Somehow, we’ve managed to turn childhood into a long, hard slog.

Stellar article.

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I really enjoyed this post by Challies.  I’m going to pick up this book again.  The Incident of the Fish

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A frame-by-frame photo essay of the last few yards of Michael Phelps win in the 100m butterfly against Serbia’s Milorad Cavic.  Never coast!

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Pastoral Advice

from Tim Keller about the pastoral home…

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