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Listen to John Piper read his biographical/narrative poem Job. It will teach you much. It will stir your soul deeply.

It’s available for listening or download or reading free (as are almost everything he does) by following the link above.

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I’m a big advocate of the power-nap. I set my phone to wake me up after 17 minutes 3-4 days a week. In fact, I just woke up four minutes ago from my afternoon recharge. Here is a great summary of the why and how of what makes for a great nap. “Getting even the briefest nap is better than nothing.”

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Awaken by Lawrence Tribble (1770)

One person awake can awaken another,
The second can awaken their next door neighbor,
Three awake can rouse the town,
And turn the whole place upside down,

And many awake can raise such a fuss,
That it finally awakens the rest of us,
One person up with dawn in their eyes,

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This sounds like odd advice to the modern ear. Chrissy just finished a biography of Anne Bradstreet by Douglas Wilson. These are two of the last paragraphs in the book that come in the way of application of Anne’s story:

“If we are homeschooling, or if we are associated with Christian schools, we will reinstitute the memorization of poetry in the curriculum. Not only will we reinstitute memorization, but we will reinstitute memorization in vast amounts. It is a shame that several generations ago even the government schools required more poetic memorization than do many Christian schools today.

“What we are looking for is a reformation and a renaissance. We are not looking for a ‘movement.’ We are looking forward to the day when a Christian who wants to ‘make a difference’ will not think first of running for Congress, but will rather find a pleasant place in the library and will set himself to write a poem. He might do well to dedicate it to Anne Bradstreet.”

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I was forraging through old pictures tonight for a little while and found these from a school trip to England/Paris in 2004. These are not a very good summary of the trip, just a pile of misc.

Do you agree with the descriptors on this plaque I found near our hotel on Baker St or Gloucester Pl? Truth in advertising?

I love and have collected a few neat tavern signs I have found in different places. This is one of my favorites (London). Bag O’ Nails was runner-up on this trip.

Unusual architecture in London

“Spurgeon’s” Tabernacle at the corner of Elephant and Castle (and right across the street there is a very non-descript indoor mall at which we ate a very non-descript hole in the wall called Jenny’s Burgers where I had my first ever burger with egg…wow!).

Chrissy ran into Sean Connery at a museum.

And Had met Lincoln.

Castle Rising Castle

That AMAZING tree at Blickling Hall

Had loved the train to Paris.

Looking down from the Eiffel Tower (Chrissy’s least favorite spot of the trip–for the height).

At night

From our Parisian hotel window. Smell the bread.

Back to England…

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HT: Andrew Kern

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