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Tony Reinke tells us how we can redeem our reading time better.

I’m considering what a good weekly goal should be for me.

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Karl Rove writes a terribly interesting article showing the reading habits of President Bush.

Bush is a Book Lover

Commit to a a good number of books in 2009. I’m a little tentative about posting a number, but I need to up the ante for next year.

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Sometimes you can. Jim Brooks’ grandkids now have smell and sound experience to go with their grandpa’s stories of flying the P-51.

Gray Eagle’s Foundation video

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Wexford Carol

Alison Krauss and Yo-Yo Ma

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“Great is our Lord, and of great power.”

Over and over again this year, we have been able to testify to the truth of these words from Psalm 147. God’s power and greatness have become more evident to us as a family as we have called on Him in 2008 and found Him to be sufficient and sweet.

Last year’s Christmas letter found us standing surprised that God was uprooting us after having spent our whole lives in Michigan. We were surrounded by the benefit of a large family. In June we moved to Ashland City, TN (8 miles west of Nashville’s city limits), a little town on the banks of the Cumberland River.

By moving, we were staring at many new changes including a new climate, culture, speed of life, and lack of family. But our adjustment has been sweetened by joining such a wonderful church that has embraced us and welcomed us with sincere love. We are so appreciative to our new friends, who are fast becoming family, at Charity Baptist. The new school drew us here, but the church was the clincher.

We moved to help build Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy, and things are progressing by degrees. We love the idea and have a real burden and a beautiful vision that we can’t wait to see come to fruition. We have many friends who have helped the school and are thankful when others see what we see and join us.

We want to assist Christian families in rearing their children to be lifelong learners who, with wisdom and beauty, shape and influence their world for Christ. JECA has a prime opportunity to do that in so many ways. We look forward to seeing what God will do.

The boys are thriving and enjoying life here. Karsten is six and has an explorer’s heart. He loves the new sights and experiences that are found in new places. He loves climbing the two trees in our front yard. He (and we) have really enjoyed home-schooling for this one year. He is flourishing.

Haddon is now five. He just got his first bike in November and is experimenting with bravery. He thoroughly enjoyed his first year of soccer and is looking forward to the Spring League. He recently discovered the joys of coloring.

Lincoln is three and is our thoughtful and tough boy. Those don’t always fit together, but he’s making it work. He has a vivid, hilarious imagination that we find highly amusing.

Knox is perhaps officially a TN boy. He only lived in Michigan four full months. He is now 10 months old and really wants to be a toddler before Christmas. The laugh he gives when he is excited would be worth the drive if you can make it. He has a sweet disposition and may be the real reason so many of our friends want to be our friends.

We post lots of pictures, videos, anecdotes of our boys online and will love to direct you to them if we aren’t connected already.

We love where we have been so kindly led. During this Christmas season, we pray that God would bless, keep and lead you also, and that you would know the sweet peace that is found in Him. May you also see His greatness and power this year.

Ryan and Christie

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