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This is a good video on several fronts. Good talk for leaders.

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barretteville2Whoa! So the Boomershines are having a girl.

We have a culture in our home where the needle is bent way…toward…boy. There are four little boys who love sticks and shoving, battle scenes, spider-hunts, and Lord of the Rings. We have a large box that is simply called “The Weapons Box.” Their movie choices are decidedly ungirly. In fact, if this weren’t a Christian home, the official slogan of our boys might be the famous line from Little Rascals, that they strive to be, “A He-man so manly, that if he fell off a building, he’d go out of his way to land on a girl.” But no, the boys think that line is funny, but not applicable to them.

Chrissy and I have considered it a treat and a privilege to start with four boys. Kar, Had, Linc and Knox have been an immense joy to us. They have made it easy for us to concentrate on what it means to raise a future man. We have been able to focus on a certain set of sub-values (values emphasized secondarily to love for God and neighbor) such as valor, gumption, chivalry, fortitude, steadiness, resolve and pluck. We know what we are aiming at, but the doing of it is a challenge.

And now? And now we welcome this little girl bringing sugar and spice with her. Now we must purpose to be more soft and gentle with our new addition. There will have to be much less tossing and swinging of the infant. There will undoubtedly have to be a line in the budget for dolls. There might be some pink things and tea parties. There will be more dress up, lost scrunchies, talk of ponies, and softness than we are accustomed to. There will be much longer hugs for scraped knees and fewer admonitions to “be tough.” There will be an all new sort of wardrobe, many pounds of accessories, hair entanglements, princess-speak (and now Haddon has a fighting chance to get the kitchen set he’s always wanted).

Claire Danielle

Claire Danielle

There will be new sorts of lessons for us parents, too. We will need help learning how to redeem biblical girlhood. And now I’m on the clock as I’ve got 22+/- years to psych myself up before walking her down the aisle to her chivalrous choice.

We are going to call her Claire Danielle. My grandpa’s name was Clair, and you can read here why we loved him so much. And she is named for my least favorite sister, Danielle; I am hoping that naming my daughter after her will help me like her better. (Actually…Danielle is just the sort of aim we have when bringing up a little girl.)

Life just got fuller and more expensive and more soft. We are in for it!

We can’t wait.

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Ray Ortlund Jr. found this letter in his father’s desk after he had passed away.

Hopefully my death will affirm the Gospel.

HT: Challies

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I’ve been lousy at posting and reading blogs for the last two crazy months. And I’ve gotten really good at not posting, not checking my stats and hitting the “mark all [waiting posts] as read” button in Google Reader to clean out the piles.

But I always read 6YearMed. It’s not pretty and clean and light. But it is real and heavy and ugly sometimes. Danielle is a pediatric resident telling hospital life (and death) like it is.

It sort of helps me live out my former dreams of being a doctor, but this isn’t the same as my previous attractions to Rescue 911 and Cops.

But it also helps me be less glib about all the parts of life that are easy to take for granted.

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Is America still a Christian nation? Yes.

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It’s been quite a famine of postings over the past month. How should I pacify you? How about you get to know Joe while I’m getting some semblance of routine down again.

I’ll aim to start posting again soon.

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