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Lightning Strikes

Check out this cool gallery of lightning strikes.


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In the book, Sam Gamgee sings this on the “Flight to the Ford.” Here, this is Tolkien’s voice singing.

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Magician Daniel Chesterfield

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More About It

Interview with Nate Wilson. How many publishers give away 500 books?

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Many won’t be able to look past the seeming randomness, loudness…weirdness. But I love it and find myself strangely alone in loving it I expect.

Imagery, revelry, metaphor, simile, cusp-testing are all included and can’t wait to read it so I can read it again.

I sat through one lecture of Nate’s in 2006 and it made a profound impact on the way I think about life. I’ve listened to it a few times and this book reminds me so much of it. Life is a story. It’s a poem (and you’ll have to read it to gather the context):

To exist in this poem is a greater gift than any finite creature can imagine. To be so insignificant and yet still be given a speaking part, to be given scenes that are my own, and my own only, scenes where the audience is limited to the Author Himself (scenes that I often flub), to have been here with my frozen nose, to have been crafted with at least as much care as a snowflake (though I’m harder to melt), and to hear and feel and see and taste and smell the heavy poetry of God, that is enough.

Exhaling, I feel the thaw. I should be in the car driving. We’re late, and kindergarten waits for no man.

— from Nate (or N.D. as he goes on paper) Wilson’s Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl: Wide-Eyed Wonder in God’s Spoken World

[on July 15th, I posted a trailer video of this book]

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My First Business Card (circa 1981)


My Current One


I’ve decided to not put my picture on my business card anymore.

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