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Today in History

Every day in assembly at JECA, I try to cull through history for bite or two to bring to those students, faculty and parents gathered. I find it’s a great way of broadly introducing things and names that should not be forgotten. It’s a good way to stem our chronological snobbery. Here is a great link to what George Grant wrote of a meeting that Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain had today in 1889.

Because of my recent time constraints I’ve been blogging less, but have been micro-blogging more through my FaceBook statuses. I sometimes put these tidbits on my status. Meet me on FaceBook.

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Danielle shows us the hard side of medicine and life.

Gone for Now Feels A Lot Like Gone for Good

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Claire Danielle Boomershine is here. God graced our home with a little girl, a little leveler, a great joy. Karsten, Haddon, Lincoln and Christie and ClaireKnox are beside themselves. Christie is doing well and the induced delivery went normally, well…it’s difficult to talk about normal in the same breath that you should be talking about the wildly amazing and miraculous process. God has lavished the riches of His grace on us, and we rejoice in His way. It’s totally unlike anything we could imagined or designed for ourselves.

Claire was born Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 9:29p at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. She was 8 lbs. even, has a little bit of reddish hair and has been a sweet baby for these first days.

She has a soul that will never die. May God give us good strength and wisdom to train her in the best ways, to smother her soul in Gospel truth and hope.

Also, you can read here what we think about a girl living in OUR house and, especially, why we named her Claire.

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Gospel humility frees you from the need to posture and pose and calculate what others think, so that you are free to laugh at what is really funny with the biggest belly laugh. Proud people don’t really let themselves go in laughter. They don’t get red in the face and fall off chairs and twist their faces into the contortions of real free laughter. Proud people need to keep their dignity. The humble are free to howl with laughter.

— John Piper

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