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When Dad Walks In

My favorite book I’ve yet to understand (Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl) gets reviewed by the author’s dad.

Here’s what Doug Wilson (and his dad) had to say about Nate’s book. [Let me know if you have to be logged-in to read it. If you do, I will copy and paste it here.]

I’ve heard anecdotally that a professor at Southern Seminary said that the 19th century had Orthodoxy. The 20th century had Mere Christianity. The 21st century has Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl. I suppose we win then.

It’s only $6. Buy it…now.

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What’s going on in Detroit?

The state of Michigan approved a plan for Detroit to close about half of its public schools and increase the average size of high-school classrooms to 60 students over the next four years….

If the average class size is 60 (!), then this means that that there could be classes at times with what 80 or 90 kids?

“Anthony Adams, the chairman of the school board, didn’t respond Monday to a request for comment.”

Mr. Adams and Mr. Bobb obviously need a good dose of Whitney Houston in their lives.

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Well it starts with food and coffee…sort of.

Here is an article that centers that question on Moscow, Idaho…home of Douglas Wilson.

Evangelical vs Liberal: A Report from the Pacific Northwest

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A Marriage Poem

John Piper wrote this poem for the wedding of his oldest son. I love his poetry.

Read the whole thing here: Love Her More and Love Her Less

Here is the last stanza:

The greatest gift you give your wife
Is loving God above her life.
And thus I bid you now to bless:
Go love her more by loving less.

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I posted an Islanders/Penguins fight night a few posts ago, but they met again last Thursday night. It was an epic night of hockey…ergh…retaliation.

You can watch it here if you must.

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A fun scene from the movie version of Much Ado About Nothing. The scene is two love-scorners who are being tricked by their friends into thinking that their opponent loves them. Benedick (Kenneth Branaugh) and Beatrice (Emma Thompson) are the victims of the foil.

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