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On this day in history…

[A] woman who distinguished herself in the Revolutionary War was 16-year-old Sybil Luddington. On the night of April 26, 1777, a messenger rode up to tell her father, a colonel of the local militia, that an attack was about to take place on Patriot munitions stored at Danbury, Connecticut. The messenger and his horse were too exhausted to carry the alarm further, so Sybil volunteered. She rode 40 miles that night, spreading the alarm to the surrounding militia.

— A History of US, Book 3, Teacher Guide, p. 49

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My favorite book is getting a documentary, and I am excited. Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl is loved and hated and incredibly difficult to explain and understand.

Click here to give the book a $10 chance. It has interesting reviews on Amazon. Feel free to start with the 1 star ones.

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Life Saver

Christie’s second-cousin is a retired physician. He is Dr. Larry Miller of San Antonio, TX. He is a gracious and kind man who has lived a full and adventurous life.

One of his many contributions to the world is his invention of a sort of medical drill for inserting an IV. It’s called the EZ-IO. Wikipedia says about the EZ-IO that, “It is used by 90 percent of US advanced life support ambulances and over half of US Emergency Departments , as well as the US Military, and is available in over 50 countries worldwide.” I think it’s available in space, too.

A few months ago, Larry and his company donated drills and needles and hands-on training and took his invention to Haiti for the first time. Here’s what it looked like.

Until I can figure out why my links aren’t posting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB6l8CCpn8w


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The Civil War began in earnest 150 years ago today at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor (SC). (Click pic for more info).

The conclusion of the war will be announced later (hopefully).

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