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From the “seemed like a fun idea at the time–and still does” department:

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I was looking on Google Maps Street View to find the hotel we stayed at in London in 2004 [I wasn’t bored, I had a reason]. I don’t remember the name of it exactly, but could find it in a second on a map. So I was using Street View and Street View has taught me that the hotel was probably bought and remodeled and is no longer a hotel.┬áBut as long as I was there, I took a gander around and re-found this ancient plaque that was on the opposite side of the street and a few doors down from the hotel. It made Christie and me guffaw out loud when we saw it.

You can view the plaque here in this link.

And now follow this link to see a close-up picture I took in 2004, to show you what the plaque said. It’s just one word that makes the whole thing worthwhile.

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No, TBAP isn’t dead. Just sleeping while it’s master toils and spins, toils and spins, toils and spins. The end of the madness is coming. Routine is coming. Rest is not coming, just routine. And routine allows for some productivity…and occasional opportunities to post. Please wait.

But I did want to post this in preview of upcoming regular postings again.

It’s a great story, a great problem, and I am almost tempted to offer the solution to her. Here’s a wonderful story…

A Canadian woman’s house is collapsing under the weight of the 350,000 books.


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You have probably never experienced a worse church website that someone was so wholly dedicated to build. It starts off creepy and as you proceed it waxes worse and worse to the point where you hope that May 21st really is the end of it all.

Take a big breath…now enter:

Evangel Cathedral

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I watched Hee Haw (in syndication) some as a kid. It only slightly occurred to me why everyone was laughing. But now I live in Nashville.

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The Middle Tennessee Futbol Club (and most other Youth leagues in America are playing this morning) and already have pretty great fields, but this is a good story about those who wanted to play but couldn’t.

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