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Miss Piggy…

“Never eat more than you can lift.”

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A lot of people grumble about objectionable advertisements on the sidebar of FaceBook.  That’s understandable.  There are numerous FB groups calling for action against FB for this.  I never see the ads on most webpages.  You might not like my steps, but here’s how:

1.  Stop using AOL.  What I used to get for $25/month is now free.  I used it in the free format for a few years and then dropped it entirely (a lot of people don’t know that AOL has been available for no monthly cost since Sep ’05).  Unless you have dial-up, I recommend you drop it.  There are many advantages to AOL, but nothing that can’t be replaced with a better version…unless you need quick access to celebrity news.

If you have a broadband connection, there’s no need for you to pay an Internet Service Provider (like AOL or Earthlink).  You just need a web browser.  There are two main browsers: Internet Explorer (54% of internet users) and Firefox (41% of users).  They are both free.  Firefox is the choice of capitalists everywhere.  It is user-supported, bug-free, efficient, customizable, safe and private.  Many of the things that IE is not.

2.  Install the Firefox browser (if you have broadband access).  Give yourself a week or so to get acclimated.  Learn to bookmark.  Learn to love the efficient tab system.  Learn to love the status bar and bookmarks toolbar.

3.  When you’re ready.  Visit the add-ons.  These are separate programs that have been created by users that you can “add-on” to your Firefox to make it more “yours.”  The three I use the most are Foxmarks (which syncs my bookmarks to other computers I use), AccuWeather (which summarizes the weather and gives me a pop-up radar on the status bar) and Ad-Block Plus.

4.  Install Ad-Block Plus.  It will get rid of most banners and ads.  But it’s also customizable so you can remove things it misses.

By the way of recommendation, I also recommend and use constantly much of the free suite of Google products.  Everyday I use Google’s email (GMail), Calendar, Reader, Documents and Maps.  They have plenty I haven’t used yet, also.

Also, this week a former Google creator started a new search engine called Cuil (pronounced “cool”).  It has a different feel, but it has potential.  It purports to search more than 1 trillion web pages.  I was wondering if anyone was trying it out.

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Video Help

If you’ve ever wanted to download a YouTube video for some reason to be able to use the video on your harddrive or to send it to a friend who doesn’t have broadband or access to YouTube, perhaps you’ve noticed the immense volume of technical jargon and numerous steps and suggested programs that make you quickly avert your attention to another problem in the universe.  First you have to download the video as an .FLV file and then you have to convert to .MPG.  You also have to worry about the programs you are downloading whether they cost money or have viruses.

ConvertTube is a free online program that converts YouTube videos to .mpg in simple steps.  Enter the YouTube web address of your video (URL), let it process and then, when it is done, download the completed file to your harddrive.

The only limitation is that if you don’t register, then you can only convert one video every 8-9 minutes.


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Karsten asked me I could do that. I told him that I couldn’t believe they could do that.

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Nudibranchs, The Most Colorful Creatures in the World

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The last four years on the senior trip, I stand with my mouth gaping in awe that the beautiful baroque (usually) music being played by this cellist in the Harvard Square Train Station in Cambridge, MA.  I can’t find much info. on him except for this video of him with another musician.  He is positioned 15 ft. opposite the train, and I make sure the students take careful notice.  I hate leaving the platform.  It’s a good place to catch me not watching my wallet.

Looking for a clip with the music I love hearing him perform.

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I don’t have any comments about the new Dark Knight, but the boys have this 1966 version of Batman.  Here’s a fun scene.

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