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Glen Beck puts the AG of Connecticut on the hot seat exposing the buffoonery.

Part One (start at 1:15):

Part Two:

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Christie makes bread sing when she makes croutons.

Sister #2  found this article online at Unexplained Bacon and knew I would find it tasty.

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In literature as in love, courage is half the battle. Likewise, in virtue as in fashion, tradition is the surest guide to the future.

— Sir Walter Scott

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My boys are only 6, 5, 3, and 1, but they have a list that they can reference to summarize who their friends and enemies are. They know them well. Christie and I encourage their alliances and encourage them to draw daggers to support them.

The Offical Boomershine Boys Guide to Closest Friends and Worstest Enemies

We would rather they learn deep fealty and sweet ardor to something that is overtly a fable (but a sort of supreme fable), than to never learn how to be loyal at all.

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“A recent study by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and LifeWay Research found that 67 percent of Americans say a personal invitation from a family member would be effective in getting them to visit a church. A personal invitation from a friend or neighbor would effectively reach 63 percent.

Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) are willing to receive information about a local congregation or faith community from a family member, and 56 percent are willing to receive such information from a friend or neighbor.

“The primary lesson North American believers should learn from this research is that many of your unchurched friends are ready for an invitation to conversation,” said Ed Stetzer, director of LifeWay Research. “Unbelievers next door still need a simple, personal invitation to talk, to be in community and to church. Clearly, relationships are important and work together with marketing.”


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Wherever Nate Wilson is seminaring, booking, articling, that’s where I want to be. He has almost single-handedly (almost) taught me to see life as a story and to notice all these beautiful little sub-plots all along the way. His offerings are splendid little feasts of warm wit and careful clusters of comparison–showing me how all the reasons I must stop being so ridiculously bland.

Today I found Nate at Powell’s Books. He wrote an storytelling article called The Amazing Tale of the Butterfly-Unicorn-Ballerina-Princess and the Giant, Creeping Land Squid.

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