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I watched Hee Haw (in syndication) some as a kid. It only slightly occurred to me why everyone was laughing. But now I live in Nashville.

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The Middle Tennessee Futbol Club (and most other Youth leagues in America are playing this morning) and already have pretty great fields, but this is a good story about those who wanted to play but couldn’t.

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The recent Disney release is spectacular…good for the whole family. Secretariat was more than just a good typist, he awed the world with his speed. Here is the actual last race being run…don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled by the ending.

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Reagan called Qaddafi the “Mad Dog of the Middle East.” This clip is from the 1986 U.S. bombing of Libya.

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This is a shameless copy/paste job from a forwarded email. I have never done this kind of blog post to you, and I am a little miffed I’m willing to do it today. I just thought it was hilarious. The captions (not mine) add a lot to the already funny photos.

These are makeshift helmets made by the Egyptians while fighting in their current internal conflict. Gotta protect the old melon from rocks that your buddies are throwing at you.

Your classic 1979 Tribottle helmet  a must in any type of combat

A late 80s boxhat. The dude next to him doesn’t appear too sure of its effectiveness.

A Renaissance period piece of brickwear teamed with a black and cream scarf. Chic

I’m not sure that tuna sandwich he is about to lob is gonna cause too much destruction. Old school 60s broken bucket helmet. I love the fact he needs to lift it up to see does he spend the rest of the time walking into things?? Also – it appears all Egyptian men throw like girls.

Textbook saucepan with comfy chinstrap teamed with a protective life jacket/body armor combo. This guy hates pain!

I literally have no idea what this is. 

And the landslide winner by 100 miles. This clown is going to war with 2 hot dog buns strapped to his ears and a kaiser roll cellophane taped to his forehead. Natural born muslim suicide bomber material.

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…thankfully. And it’s not just the theologs doing it.

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This plan has so many sinister applications. If someone less smooth/bold and more serious took hold of it…we might have less paid propaganda (commercials) and more free propaganda (“We are taking over the earth. You are now ours.”)

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Dr. Suess, the Father of of Bloogs, Bims, Brown Barbaloots, Bellars, Billy Billings and the Blindfolded Bowman from Brigger-ba-Root, would be 107 today.

Dr. Suess is not remembered for truth, goodness and beauty. His works are not epic. They are not foundational inspirational texts, historical treatises, clear-thinking biographies or theologically astute tomes. His work will not stand on these merits. In fact, he used some of his children literature to convey political idea [the Butter Battle was about the arms race, for instance] and sometimes a strong liberal ideology.

Geisel (his real name was Theodore Suess Geisel) should be known though as epically brilliant as a poet and wordsmith. He was a creative giant who taught us that reading isn’t all Dick-and-Jane-dumb. Belly-laughing is allowed when holding a book of his creative tongue twisters and imaginative illustrations. His books teach us that words are important and very fun.

You may not know that the original pronunciation of Suess is not the pronunciation you know. He wrote these lines early-on to teach people the way it was pronounced:

You’re wrong as the deuce
And you shouldn’t rejoice
If you’re calling him Seuss.
He pronounces it Soice.

He did later change the pronunciation because it sounded more useful to children’s literature.

One of my favorite books of his is a compilation of his early writings–The Tough Coughs as He Plows the Dough. My other favorites are maybe Fox in Sox and Oh Say Can You Say?

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