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It’s a rather corny/gamey/commercial format, but it’s still awfully interesting.

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I was looking on Google Maps Street View to find the hotel we stayed at in London in 2004 [I wasn’t bored, I had a reason]. I don’t remember the name of it exactly, but could find it in a second on a map. So I was using Street View and Street View has taught me that the hotel was probably bought and remodeled and is no longer a hotel. But as long as I was there, I took a gander around and re-found this ancient plaque that was on the opposite side of the street and a few doors down from the hotel. It made Christie and me guffaw out loud when we saw it.

You can view the plaque here in this link.

And now follow this link to see a close-up picture I took in 2004, to show you what the plaque said. It’s just one word that makes the whole thing worthwhile.

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Old ways were good, too.

[vimeo 22639018]

HT: 22 Words 

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A fun story from the Smithsonian about the public disassembly of Lincoln’s watch.

A hush fell over the room as the watchmaker halted his work. A partially-dismantled pocket watch that once belonged to President Abraham Lincoln gleamed in his hands. He looked up from his task and pushed a visor, fitted with magnifying glasses for detailed work, up onto the top of his head. “The moment of truth has come!” he boomed. I waited, perched on the edge of my seat, for a verdict—was there really a secret message inscribed inside the watch? And if so, what did it say?

A Secret Message Inside Lincoln’s Watch

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On this day in history…

[A] woman who distinguished herself in the Revolutionary War was 16-year-old Sybil Luddington. On the night of April 26, 1777, a messenger rode up to tell her father, a colonel of the local militia, that an attack was about to take place on Patriot munitions stored at Danbury, Connecticut. The messenger and his horse were too exhausted to carry the alarm further, so Sybil volunteered. She rode 40 miles that night, spreading the alarm to the surrounding militia.

— A History of US, Book 3, Teacher Guide, p. 49

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The Civil War began in earnest 150 years ago today at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor (SC). (Click pic for more info).

The conclusion of the war will be announced later (hopefully).

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The recent Disney release is spectacular…good for the whole family. Secretariat was more than just a good typist, he awed the world with his speed. Here is the actual last race being run…don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled by the ending.

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