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No, TBAP isn’t dead. Just sleeping while it’s master toils and spins, toils and spins, toils and spins. The end of the madness is coming. Routine is coming. Rest is not coming, just routine. And routine allows for some productivity…and occasional opportunities to post. Please wait.

But I did want to post this in preview of upcoming regular postings again.

It’s a great story, a great problem, and I am almost tempted to offer the solution to her. Here’s a wonderful story…

A Canadian woman’s house is collapsing under the weight of the 350,000 books.


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Old ways were good, too.

[vimeo 22639018]

HT: 22 Words 

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I grew up in a print shop and love the smell of ink. While it may bore you stiff, my Dad and I will dig this.

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